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Top Science Fiction Sports movies, no. 30: Speed Racer

One of the key scientific theories of the 21st century is certain to be Masahiro Mori’s Bukimi no Tani Genshō, a.k.a. “The Uncanny Valley” Theory. The supposition suggests that as robots or animated objects more closely and closely approach a human form, the more likely there are to cause revulsion in a human observer until a great degree of realism exists.

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The Top 30 Science-Fiction Sports Movies: Honorable mentions

Finally. The beast that BuckBokai has been creating is *alive!* My creation is alive! Today begins a countdown of the Top 30 Science-Fiction Sports movies with lotsa embeds, YouTube willing.

Firstly, though, some criteria. In short, the difficulty level in compiling this list was surprisingly high. By the strictest definition, i.e. a setting firmly within the milieu of a science-fictional sport, BuckBokai counted a mere 11 films – if Rollerball (1975) and its remake (2002) are included as separate works. Clearly, this definition needed expanding.

Indeed, the definition of “science-fiction” itself has been fodder for endless debate since its coining in 1875 or so; clearly technology plays a major role as does a future-dated setting. Many explanations provided in the io9 compendium of quotes on the subject are a good deal too abstract – e.g. “the literature of exploration and change,” “the art of the possible” (that one’s from Ray Bradbury), “an argument with the Universe” – for BuckBokai’s purposes, and so we’ll use the following simple-yet-open guidelines.

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The 2012 Ultimate Archery competition

Amidst the glow of the big games, the Huffington Post declared archery to be “hot at the London Olympics.” The Christian Science Monitor described the sport’s popularity as “surging,” particularly among American youth.

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On selling fencing, archery

BuckBokai will soon have something about the effect of at least three heroic figures in contemporary pop culture – led by the great science-fiction sports hero Katniss Everdeen – on a new wave of popularity affecting the sport of archery, but for today here’s something off the wire about archery and other Olympic sports, particularly fencing. How can these fringe pastimes survive without the multimillion-dollar budgets of major team sports? Read on for more about “inspiring a generation” to fence beyond the 2012 Olympics – and how Mark Zuckerberg is key to the plan…

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Iron Sky: Why it’s the greatest film ever in 100 words or less

Nazis on the moon. That should be enough to sell Iron Sky. But just in case, a few more words.

Cutting humor reminiscent of Starship Troopers! Cleavage! A trash-talking African-American hero! Killer special effects! Awesome but funny commentary on American politics and PR (BuckBokai won’t give any spoilers about the U.S. president, but it’s awesome)! Cleavage sprung forth from black leather! Homages to The Great Dictator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, That Hitler Meme and just about every German expressionist sci-fi flick! A revenge story! Patriotism (albeit slightly more than tongue-in-cheek)! A mad scientist! Jokes about Finland and North Korea! And did I mention the cleavage?

In short, why is this movie not widely rightfully recognized for what it is, namely the greatest movie ever made? Expounding of this theory will soon be forthcoming on BuckBokai, but the main problem is probably this inexplicability.

Whatever. See this film. Heil Adler!

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Usain Bolt rips through time, destroys 116 years’ worth of Olympians

Usain Bolt’s got everyone thinking his speed on an equivalent level to the Flash, but could he really break the time barrier?

Okay, probably not even the real-life Fastest Man Alive is quite ready to shred the laws of physics, but some folks over at the New York Times have given us the next best thing, bringing together 85 medalists in the 100 meters from Olympics dating back to 1896. In an “interactive” display, the NYT shows us – all things considered equal and with no calculations made for, say, Archie Hahn of 1912 training with modern technology – by how much Bolt would have kicked butt against the likes of Jessie Owens, Carl Lewis and Harrison Dillard.

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Fullback to the Future (or, The greatest Hungarian science-fiction sports movie you’ll probably never see)

A football ascending to the heavens kicks off (snigger) 6:3; a truly appropriate image this is, for 1990s garbageman Tutti (Károly Eperjes) is about to enter a Hungarian sports fan’s heaven. Said Valhalla is actually of no great distance in space, but requires a time-travel voyage some 45 years back to the “Match of the Century” bringing victory Hungary over Team England at Wembley Stadium to snap a 30-year undefeated run. Against the early 1950s’ antediluvian and repressive system, Puskas and his teammates were nothing sort of angels for Tutti.

November 25, 1953 holds extra significance for our hero, doubling as the day of his birth. When he suddenly awakens to find himself miraculously transported to that age of 3-forint beers and communist propaganda, he finds himself torn in priority between meeting the mother he never knew and listening to the game on radio.

Right. So … where’s the damn radio, already?

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