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Gōjin Ishihara clippings: Primitive man whoops ass in baseball, wrestling

If you’re a proper sci-fi geek (hey, present company included, trust me), you’ve surely called up “io9.com” on your browser well before humble BuckBokai.com and thus have already seen this insane stuff by Japanese artist Gōjin Ishihara.

BuckBokai clips them here for posterity. Both of these images come from a comic book called “Prehistoric Man.” Still of the Hanshin Tigers-Yomiuri Giants baseball game is particularly bizarre, especially since the man on third is certain to be doubled up by the leaping Cro-Magnon … is prehistoric man also coaching the team?

Gōjin’s work was clearly so influential as to have inspired American marketing campaigns three decades later. (Though it is shocking that Ryan Zimmerman has not yet apologized for his disturbing public speciesist proclamations.)

For lost more of Gōjin’s utterly insane work — seriously, this guy has got to be the late-era H.P. Lovecraft of Japanese kids illustrators — check out the nice post at Pink Tentacle.

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