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The top 10 science-fiction sports of all-time

All right, so BuckBokai tries to come off the disabled list today – yes, it seemed like a career-ending injury for a while there, thanks to Father Time (who, as Charles Barkley once so philosophically stated, is undefeated). But fingers crossed that this time BuckBokai once again plays at his steady level.

So to (re)start things off, let’s get back to the basics with a look at the Top 10 Science-Fiction Sports ever devised.

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BuckBokai’s fearless prediction for Doctor Who

This has fuck-all to do with sports, but with a Matt Smith (and Katy Manning!) appearance on the “Sarah Jane Adventures” just weeks away and the first glimpse of the Christmas special has been released by the BBC – lemme tell ya, it totally puts the “tease” in “teaser” – BuckBokai figures he’d better get in this prediction before it becomes old hat.

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Fascinating chart porn for Doctor Who fans

This doesn’t have squat to do with sports in science-fiction, but BuckBokai’s got a couple of minutes and io9 just keeps refusing to publish the fascinating work of “Many Eyes,” an IBM-based outfit dedicated to “democratiz[ing] visualization and to enabl[ing] a new social kind of data analysis.”

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Who’s on the silver screen? Odds on the Doctor Who Movie protagonist

Calm down, people...

Last week, Doctor Who fandom was temporarily shaken up with the scintillating rumor that a full-on feature-length movie was in pre-production with Johnny Depp cast to play the title role; this reportage went so far as to quote former show producer Russell T. Davies as stating “There will be brand new concepts and the film will be just as adventurous, scary and humorous as the television programme. But none of us working the film will forget what makes the character great and interesting and the long-time fans will not be disappointed because yes, the Daleks make an appearance.”

Of course, the BBC folks took it upon themselves as soon as humanly possible to debunk the rumor, stating that no such movie was in the planning stages and that Depp was certainly not tabbed for any such non-existent role.

All well and good, but those cheeky bookmakers over at Paddy Power – no fools they – were quick to add an intriguing novelty bet alongside their range of sportsbook offerings. After all, Doctor Who: The Motion Picture certainly seems an inevitability with the countdown to November 23, 2013, that all-important 50th anniversary of the first episode’s broadcast.

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Who’s on First: The Doctor’s great moments in sport

Thanks to the performance contributed on the football pitch by the increasingly awesome Matt Smith in this season’s Doctor Who episode “The Lodger,” BuckBokai was inspired enough to delve the ol’ matrix memory banks for other great sporting moments from this frankly mostly cerebral Time Lord.

Some sports in which the Doctor has taken part through his 11 lives and 900-some odd years include the following.

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A tale of two tales: Introduction to Buck Bokai

Two books changed my life at a key formative age, and thanks to BuckBokai somebody might finally relate to the combination.

When i was an 11-year-old frequenter of flea markets and secondhand shops wheedling chump change off my mother for cheap baseball cards and cheap comic books and just generally cheap collectible stuff, i once accidentally ran across an intriguing sublime-looking little paperback.

It was white in cover with a baseball tucked neatly into one corner, knuckles riding atop as through to throw the Niekros’ (Niekroes’?) favorite pitch. The book had a cover quote describing the work as “a classic in the American vein,” while the final two pages were a long table of neat statistics (Statistics!) running under the headline “Tell Your Statistics To Shut Up.” Charlie Brown’s Peanuts meeting baseball in to what was to me-then a completely unique diary format?

I never knew books could be like this.

I did know i had to have it.

That book was, of course, Ball Four.

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