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Dirk Nowitzki in Tron, animated form

Dirk Nowitzki’s always been a bit science-fictional, a larger-than-life spieler who remains suspiciously impervious to the ravages of time or physical injury: The lifetime Dallas Maverick has played in 920 of a possible 952 regular-season games, a 96.64% attendance rate, in his 12-year career while maintaining mostly consistent per game scoring averages of 23.4 to 26.6 over the past nine seasons.

In fact, coupled with an accent once frighteningly similar to the Governator’s, one might wonder if Nowitzki is actually a cyborg sent from the future to terminate all NBA scoring records – or at least set a high bar for Europeans in the NBA.

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Revisiting Cueto vs. Quato

About two years ago, one Mike Bock over at a site called Fantasy Hurler wrote a brilliant BuckBokai-esque piece entitled “Playometer: Cueto v. Quato” comparing the excellent Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto to the mysterious rebel leader of Total Recall.

Handsome devil, isn't he?

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The brilliant, albeit brief, science-fiction career of Sir Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is a two-time NBA MVP (well, they *did* rook him out of it that one year), a Hall of Famer, an Emmy winner, a future governor of Alabama and/or general manager of the Atlanta Hawks, and the greatest interview subject of all-time – but Buck Bokai loves his acting the best of all.

A brief look at the short-yet-inspiring science-fiction career of the coolest man in existence, Charles Barkley.

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