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Batman given Cardboard Gerald treatment in Dark Knight Rises review

Ben Swanson: Greatest Twitter-side movie reviewer ever? After busting up with 141-character bon mots from Cardboard Gerald, the “resident [Charlotte] Bobcats sadsack blogger” and “progeny of Shawn Kemp’s Lister Blister, on “The Dark Knight Rises” all morning, BuckBokai figured he’d repost ‘em all here for posterity. One caveat: Swanson has seen things we people wouldn’t dream – this one’s quite a departure from the franchise, it seems…

Spoilers follow … yeah, surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.

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Superheroes Playing Sports is Gallery Of Awesomeness

Heads up on the online find of the week: Check out the excellently-named fan art website Bam! Kapow! for a frackin’ awesome gallery they just had to call “Superheroes Playing Sports.”

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Edward Cullen vs. Pau Gasol: Who wins?

The brainwashed

Since this piece got little to no love over at big sister ‘site BallinEurope.com, BuckBokai reruns it here – search engine voodoo be damned – for an audience perhaps more in touch with the eternal war between the supernatural undead and NBA basketball…

BuckBokai recently read the latest anti-Laker screed basketball column by ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons, an alternately funny and blood-boiling confession-style bit about conditioning one’s children to cheer for the “right” sports team, i.e. Daddy’s sports team.

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Remembering DC Comics’ Strange Sports Stories

In the 75th anniversary year of DC Comics, one memorable series has fallen by the historical wayside…

A watershed moment in science-fiction sports literary history went down in January 1970 when one day, in newsstands across America, youthful readers and observant kiosk owners were greeted with Brave and the Bold #45. This former test vehicle for superheroes (among them the Justice League of America, the Teen Titans and the Suicide Squad) had undergone an insane metamorphosis month-to-month into something which proudly proclaimed itself as featuring “Strange Sports Stories.”

The “Strange Sports Stories” series lasted in Brave and the Bold for five issues, after which the entire concept seemingly disappeared from DC Comics and the public consciousness altogether. Seriously. Do a search for it sometime online. Hell, this was the Wikipedia entry on SSS’ run in Brave and the Bold before BuckBokai got to it:

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