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Dispatch from Alternate Universe: Remembering Super Bowl XXXVI (St. Louis Rams 23, New England Patriots 17, OT)

For those Americans missing NFL football right about now (and with professional basketball, hockey and soccer mostly at a complete standstill, who could blame you?), BuckBokai supplies a “what if” piece on one of the greatest Super Bowls ever.

No. 36 featured perhaps the biggest upset recorded in the big game, though 12 years, one 16-0 season and “Spygate” later, the collective consciousness has forgotten that the now EEEvil New England Patriots were 17-point underdogs against Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams’ offensive machine.

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The Bizarro Bowl: ’76 Buccaneers vs. ’08 Lions

In honor of the start of the 2010 NFL season – no, a Thursday night opening game will not be acknowledged as official because *you’re supposed to play football on Sunday; God said so.* – BuckBokai celebrates by going to the interweb’s greatest time waster sports simulator site, What If Sports.

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Your fantasy football draft and six more topics not to be discussed

Why didn’t the surgeon general warn me? Combining a viewing schedule of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “His Way” and the 2010 FIBA World Championships against the squall of a lightning-quick fantasy football draft may result in a dangerous altered state.

BuckBokai did, however, receive one nice hallucinatory insight worthy of The Prophets themselves in finally discovering the answer to a 22-year-old mystery. To wit: Why does any Star Trek episode involving the holodeck/holosuite inevitably suck gagh?

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Arena Football’s Future: Would you like to know more?

Ah, now that the 2010 NFL season has begun (sort of), BuckBokai reflects on two things: 1) how patently *lame* the aberration known as “arena football” is and 2) how awesome said aberration will be in the 23rd century – you know, once we’re at intergalactic war with Klendathu.

First, full disclosure with all the shame of a blacked out one-night stand by a married man – except BuckBokai was conscious. BuckBokai once tried to like the indoor game. Seriously, in 2002, the post-Super Bowl jones (you know, that condition due to which Vince McMahon was ostensibly induced to set up the XFL a year earlier) set in hard with me and BuckBokai sought the Arena Football League as a methadone to the proper football addiction.

What greeted me instead was this:

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