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BuckBokai’s fearless prediction for Doctor Who

This has fuck-all to do with sports, but with a Matt Smith (and Katy Manning!) appearance on the “Sarah Jane Adventures” just weeks away and the first glimpse of the Christmas special has been released by the BBC – lemme tell ya, it totally puts the “tease” in “teaser” – BuckBokai figures he’d better get in this prediction before it becomes old hat.

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World’s greatest sports mascot prevented by George Lucas

Admiral Ackbar may have led rebel forces to victory in the “Star Wars” saga, but he lost a simple fight for fame in Mississippi.

The University of Mississippi Rebels were without a mascot since 2003 when the question was put out the student body by vote. A group of (geeks) students used a bit of cool logic in conceiving of the perfect mascot in Ackbar: After all, he’s the Rebel Leader, right?

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Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots: The brief, twisted video history

There’s been something of an onslaught of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 at BuckBokai’s household lately, as the Young Bucks (Z., almost five years old, and S., 3½) are typically responsible for the DVD programming.

Hey, it beats “My Little Pony,” let me tell you.

Lest the digression snowball rapidly out of control, here’s BuckBokai’s favorite bit in the movie:

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Le Coup de Boule vs. the Empire

With the 2010 World Cup final less than two hours away, Buck Bokai still can’t help thinking about Zinedine Zidane four years ago in what is certainly one of the most egregious exits from an international soccer career ever via Le Grand Coup de Boule, the headbutt of Marco Materazzi that got Zizou tossed in the second half of the 2006 championship match against Italy.

As Zidane was red carded out of the last match of his professional career, there came a moment as though produced out of Greek tragedy. Here’s the familiar video again; check out what happens at about 3:24 or so in this clip; just as the camera’s cutting away, Buck Bokai might add.

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