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The 2012 Ultimate Archery competition

Amidst the glow of the big games, the Huffington Post declared archery to be “hot at the London Olympics.” The Christian Science Monitor described the sport’s popularity as “surging,” particularly among American youth.

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Hungary wants to know: Which woman is best for Spiderman?

Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat (©Marvel Comics)From the news portal Index, based in ever-randy Hungary, comes exploration of the question “Melyik nőt döngölje meg Pókember?” which might be translated as, um … well, let’s put it this way. Within the URL link to the story, the webmasters and/or editors have changed the article title to the more, shall we say, family-friendly “Melyik nő illik a legjobban Pokemberhez?” or “Which woman is best suited for Spiderman?”

(While BuckBokai admits this has little to do with sports, hey! Pinup comic babes!)

In light of the Spiderman movie franchise reboot which featured Gwen Stacy replacing more traditional Mary Jane Watson as Peter Parker’s love interest, the author tantalizingly known only as Cinematrix reveals his/her choices for getting with the Spider someday – since “the franchise gets rebooted about every 10 years.”

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Nine super innings: DC Superstars #10

BuckBokai was going to do a full-on review of a highlight in science-fiction sports literary history, namely the lead story of DC Super Stars #10 (1976), but the issue has proved elusive to download and more importantly has been amazingly critically analyzed by Comic Treadmill back in 2005 and recently by Baseball Prospectus, so we’ll refer you to those links.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to experience the life-changing greatest of DC Comics finally living up to their “Strange Sports Stories” franchise in form, this epic is based on an argument between the simply awesome Sportsmaster and the Huntress. This couple makes a bet stemming from a dispute in which the Huntress maintains that the bad guys never win (she must have been hip to the Comics Code Authority of Earth prime, eh?) and thus set up a superheroes vs. supervillians match.

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Brainwashed again by Schoolhouse Rock

Just because BuckBokai has a blog and wants to share the pain … see, not too long ago, yours truly turned the little bucks (ages 5 and 3½) onto “Schoolhouse Rock.”

For those of you not ancient enough to remember, these were catchy three-minute educational short animated films cleverly disguised as music videos (or were they music videos cleverly disguised as educational short animated films?) that ran between your regularly-scheduled cartoons on Saturday and Sunday mornings. See, back in the late 70s/early 80s, we didn’t have cable TV and … ah, you’d never believe it. Just go with it.

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