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Rangers vs. Giants World Series: The future is here

Well, welcome to the future: the San Francisco Giants (!) and Texas Rangers (!!!!) will meet in the 2010 World Series, thereby giving the first World Series title ever to one of these entities, snapping a half-century long deprivation of such, and eliminating the possibility of using either squad to represent far-flung o-so-strange science-fiction futures.

Like the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates to which BuckBokai devoted an earlier entry, the Giants and Rangers are seeking to break historically notable runs of futility. In fact, the vanquished team in 2010 goes home with the second-longest active run of World Series futility. Reads the all-time list:

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Pittsburgh Pirates’ 1960 win: A science-fictional notion

From the Synchronicity Department comes a neat little tidbit from Robert Sheckley’s Immortality Inc. (You know, the book they totally warped to make the awesomely weird Freejack.)

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Review: “The Challenge of the Headless Baseball Team”

In this, the 75th anniversary of DC Comics and the 40th anniversary of that brave and bold experiment to craft science-fiction stories for the pages of a superhero comic, BuckBokai begin its reviews of the stories inside Brave and the Bold nos. 45-49.

Issue #45 in DC Comics’ distinctly daffy plan to present science-fiction sports stories on a regular basis led with a story called “The Challenge of the Headless Baseball Team.”

Immediate thoughts upon seeing the cover of Brave & the Bold #45 (in no particular order):

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Eight all-time great baseball teams of the future

With the second half of the Major League Baseball season starting, BuckBokai would like to take a few minutes to honor those great teams of the future, those nines whose excellence expands beyond the standard rules of the spacetime continuum far enough to earn them a reputation years before their time.

Those sports fans who can’t stand hearing anything about that game they’ve TiVoed but haven’t watched yet had better not click through for more – there are Biff Tannen-sized spoilers aplenty here.

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