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On selling fencing, archery

BuckBokai will soon have something about the effect of at least three heroic figures in contemporary pop culture – led by the great science-fiction sports hero Katniss Everdeen – on a new wave of popularity affecting the sport of archery, but for today here’s something off the wire about archery and other Olympic sports, particularly fencing. How can these fringe pastimes survive without the multimillion-dollar budgets of major team sports? Read on for more about “inspiring a generation” to fence beyond the 2012 Olympics – and how Mark Zuckerberg is key to the plan…

From 'Hunger Games' to 'Call Me Maybe,' how athletes sell Olympic sports (+video) (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Tim Morehouse recognizes that most of America doesn’t care about his sport. He just refuses to accept it. To say that Morehouse is a fencer is vast understatement. He is nothing less than a zealot of his sport – a man whose silver in the men’s team saber in Beijing gives only the smallest indication…

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