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Courting the presidency: Obama and Romney face off in 10-sport decathlon

While BuckBokai awaits the season tipoffs in NBA and European basketball, somehow attention has strayed to another great competition, that sport for Americans who don’t like sports: Namely, the 2012 presidential election.

(Apparently the start of the NFL season isn’t enough; or maybe BuckBokai’s just sour-graping thanks to poor week 2 performances by both his New England Patriots and fantasy football team.)

Amidst the hoopla – entirely generated by either the 47% or the 99%, it’s unclear which – some enterprising folks over at The NOC have embarked upon video production of a presidential decathlon, a grueling 10-event competition pitting sitting president Barack Obama against his foot-in-mouth contender-to-the-throne Mitt Romney.

Okay, so this world is sadly not beautiful or poetic enough to play host to such an event, but the candidate lookalikes certainly appear to be taking challenges like handball, thumb war, chicken kissing and street fighting (no, really) seriously.

The trailer for The NOC’s entire “Obama vs. Romney: Presidential FaceOFF” series runs below; following this is the instant-classic PIG shootout during which the fan reactions are completely priceless. How many believed they were actually watching the politicos dueling on the court?

In a better world, we just might decide presidential succession this way. Or at least award a few electors…

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